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Started in 1967 as a Tiny Shop with Designing and manufacturing of Steam to Air Heat-exchangers and Suction Device for Carding Engine, the company has now grown as a manufacturer of special purpose tailor-made plants and equipments. During all these years, Genest has grown and diversified into all conceivable fields such as plants for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural, Process industry, etc.

As a result of continued R & D, Genest has specialised in manufacturing of different types of Impregnating Plants for varied applications such as for manufacturing High / Low pressure Decorative Laminates; Particle Board / Block Board; glass-cloth for Copper clad Laminates; Cotton Fabrics for Industrial Laminates; Aramide and Carbon Cloth for Aerospace and Defence Industry; Mica Paper / Splitting on a continuous process basis; Filter Paper for Filter manufacturing industry as also Jute Impregnation.

Likewise, Genest has also developed expertise in the field of Coating of different substrates such as Paper; Cotton Fabric; Synthetic Fabric; Plastic; Metal Foils; etc. with different types of medias for manufacturing of wide range of products such as PVC Leather Cloth / Artificial Leather; Silicon Coated Release paper; Fax and Master Paper; Carbonless Paper; Lead Coating on Metal Foil; Teflon Coating on Glass-cloth; Plant for the manufacturing of Coated Abrasive to include Sand / Emery Paper / Cloth; Water Paper; Sanding Belts; etc.

Besides, Genest is also involved in the field of manufacturing of Chemicals Driers of different types for continuous applications, conveying systems of different types as also other specialised and developmental one time job application.

With such a different product mix and varied manufacturing programme, Genest has dealt with machines for continuous process having material width as low as 25mm going upto web width of upto 4.5 mtrs. Similarly, the tallest machine made so far has a height of 24 mts.

The manufacturing facilities are housed in a well built 900 sq. mtrs. factory shed on a 5000 sq. mtrs. plot. Besides, the Company's Corporate Office is situated in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad for easy access and approach for the customers.