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Usually The Difference Between The Best And Second Best Is Just The Brand Name

Unfortunately, in today's world, the word 'Business' has become a dirty word. Nobody talks of being able to do business without some form of corruption. The words "Principle" and "Philosophy" are out-dated words.

In this scenario, Genest has stood apart and practise business with Ethics and Transparency as a "Strategy" just as other practice different forms of corruption as sales and survival strategy. Our 33 years experience has given us the confidence of believing that even in today's world, our strategy helps not only in surviving but also in thriving.

We firmly believe that customer service and customer satisfaction is the best form of marketing and in 33 years of its existence, Genest has not advertised even once about its products. Even then, our turnover has steadily increased from a meagre sales in the formitive years.

We are continuously engaged in development and up-gradation. Having worked with a wide spectrum of Industry, we have built a very large Experience Bank which helps us in delivering better products. We can today claim to be one of the best in many fields where we have had the scope of manufacturing a couple of plants, such as in the fields of Impregnation and Coating.

We have been recognised by Govt. authorities as a High-Tech Industry and have been awarded the President's Medal twice for employment of Differently Abled as a part of our Philosophy of Social Obligation Of Industry To Society. At one stage, upto 25% of our labour force constituted Differently Abled to include blind, deaf and dumb, orthopaedically Disabled as also mentally retarded.

Genest has also believed that home market should have a priority over exports. Besides, the home market has been big enough. However, Genest has Exported its Products to the highly developed machinery making country of Germany.