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Being designers, heart of the organisation is the Drawing and Design department which is directly handled by the Managing Director who himself is a qualified technician. While designing any machine, the following points are foremost in our minds.

A. The running cost should work out at the minimum. In other words, the cost per Mtr. of the products produced OR the cost of running the plant per min should be minimum.

B. Approach to the maintenance components should be very simple thereby reducing downtime. In other words, machine should be back in productive use as fast as possible.

C. Spares should be easily available to the customers from his local environment. Genest does not believe in the Philosophy of living on sales of spares. We are more happy designing new machines.

Talking about the variety on parameters of the plants manufactured by us, following are some brief details

Length of machine : From min. 1 mtr. length to max. 60 mtrs. long machine.

Height : From normal 1.5 mtr. tall machine to max. 24 mrts tall machine.

Thickness of base material treated on our machine : From min. 18 GSM (tissue paper) to max. 700 GSM (high-silica cloth)

Thickness of Coating / Impregnation : From min. 0.1 mtr/min to max. 1 kg./

Machine Speed : From min 0.1 mtr/min to max. 200 mtr/min.