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Genest makes Coating Plants on a continuous web processing basis for different types of substrates such as paper, cotton fabric, synthetic fabrics, plastics, metal foils, etc. and for coating with different types of mediums such as plastic, adhesive, clays, medication, etc. for the manufacturing of a wide range of products such as PVC leather-cloth / artificial leather; different types of adhesive tapes with paper, and other clay coated papers; tar coated paper Etc; medicated adhesive tapes; silicon coated papers and release papers; Teflon coated industrial fabrics such as TCGF; resin coated papers and foil for PCB industry; paint coated on aluminium foil for making Venetian Blinds; lead coating on metal foil making flexible pipes and bellows (used in toilet and industries); manufacturing of coated abrasive to include sand / emery - paper / cloth, water paper, etc.

Coating plants have been Designed & Manufactured for Materials having Mini width of 25mm to Max. width of 2200mm; length of 2 mtrs going up to 60 mtrs. and for speeds in the range of 0.1 mtr / min. to max. 200 mtr / min.