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Genest has manufactured Impregnating plants for all conceivable types of impregnating to be done on a continuous processing basis. These include :

A.Impregnation of papers such as tissue, design and Kraft paper to manufacture products such as high pressure decorative and industrial laminates; low pressure laminated particle boards; high abrasive flooring laminates etc.

B. Impregnation of special papers for manufacturing of Elec laminates

C. Impregnation of cotton fabrics for manufacturing of insulation blocks and industrial materials.

D. Impregnation of glass cloth; high silica cloth; carbon cloth; Aramid cloth etc. for manufacturing of PrePregs and composites for Aerospace electronics industry and similar high tech industry.

E. Impregnation of filter paper for manufacturing of impregnated Filter paper for filter industry.

F. Impregnation of Jute cloth for the manufacturing of packaging materials and decorative panels.

G. Impregnation of mica splitting; mica paper etc. for the manufacturing of high insulation mica based products such as mica tapes, mica boards, etc.

H. Hot Melt Impregnation.

Impregnating Plants have been made for Material width varying from 300mm up to 2700mm; lengths of 25 mtrs to 60 mtrs; height of 1.9 mtr. to 18 mtr. tall towers and for speeds in the range of 0.1 mtr/min. to max. of 150 mtr/min.