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Tailor made & Special Purpose Plants.

Impregnating Plants

A. With horizontal Drier for paper based Products like Decorative Laminates, Elec. Laminates, Industrial Laminates etc.

B. Impregnating Plant with vertical Drier for fabric based Laminates like Cotton Fabric, Silk Fabric, Jute Fabric, glass Fibre, Glass Epoxy laminates, Carbon and Aramid PrePregs, etc.

C. Impregnating Plant for Mica Paper Impregnation.Impregnating Plant for Filter Paper Impregnation.Plants for Hot Melt Impregnation

Coating Plant

A. PVC / Polyurethene Coating Plant for manufacturing of artificial leather.

B. Coating plant for Silicon coating on Paper.

C. Coating Plant for Emery Coating on Paper / Cloth etc. ( Coated abrasive manufacturing plant )

D. Coating plant for manufacturing Fax Paper / Thermal Paper.

E. Coating Plant for manufacturing Carbonless paper.

F. Coating Plant for Copper and Aluminium Foil Coating.

G. Coating Plant for lead coating on M.S. foil.

H. Coating Drier for special coating on Plastic.

I. Bituman Coating on paper.

J. Teflon Coating on glass-cloth.

J. Coating Plant for Diamond Dotted Paper. Coating Plant for Coating on special Membrane for RO & similar fine Filter Application

Electrical Insulation Board Drier – Single Pass

TDO Ovens for BOPP& BOPE (upto 4.5 mtrs. web width)

Chemical Driers with Conveyors – for Continuous Production.

Laboratory Plants & Equipment’s.

Industrial Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

Steam to Air, Hot oil to Air, H.P.H.W. to Air , Electrical to Air